Judging @ 2017 California State Fair Wine Competition.

Our Winemaker Meredith, as a panel judge for the 

2017 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition

"One of the perks of working in the wine industry is that you get to be involved in some really fun and interesting opportunities. Some people don't like to spend their time judging competitions, often requiring travel, time away from work, and little to no pay, but I really enjoy the experience. Not only do you get to taste dozens or hundreds of wines from all over, but you get to give your "expert opinion", and use all the training and education you've acquired over the years to help other winemakers succeed. Not to mention, meeting new industry peers and reuniting with old friends is always the best part!

The California State Fair Judging was held this year March 29th-31st. A group of 60 judges evaluated Over 2700 wines from all over the state. Judges were split into teams of 3, each team evaluating roughly 70-100 wines per day. On the second day of judging, we are joined by celebrity judges, one per team. This was my second year judging this competition, and I hope I will be invited back for years to come, as this is a favored competition among judges."


Aristo Wine -- Cal State Fair Wine Competition 2017


Aristo Wine -- Cal State Fair Wine Competition 2017

PANEL TEAM - Aristo's Winemaker Meredith, Winemaker Adam Lazarre and Certified Sommelier Ellen Landis